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What Is Belay?

A Financial Planning Firm built on Partnerships

A Financial Planning Firm built on Partnerships

In rock climbing, trust, teamwork and communication are critically important to a successful climb. The belayer, holding the ropes, is the anchor and a source of strategy for the journey ahead. The climber, driven by hopes and dreams, relies on the steadiness and guidance of the belayer to not only “make it to the top”, but make it back safely. It’s a rock-solid partnership that requires absolute trust in one another, and a partnership that creates life altering results. 

The name Belay Wealth Partners was inspired by my years as a rock climber. I trusted my climbing partner with my life, and they trusted their life to me. This partnership required open communication, trust, and the ability to know when to advise to take a risk, or when the risk was too high. 

The same basic philosophies are true of financial planning, and I have built these principles into everything we do to serve our clients at Belay Wealth Partners - just as I have done every day since I started my financial planning practice in 2000. Our most important job is to help you navigate the joys, fears, and challenges of building wealth. To help you clarify your goals, create a course of action, and make adjustments along the way. We strive to do this all while honoring the vital importance of trust and communication. 

We have never seen ourselves as just financial planners – but rather financial partners. Financial planning is a partnership that requires trust, teamwork, and communication to navigate the risks and opportunities ahead, but as it goes with climbing, this partnership is rock solid and hopefully yields life altering results.

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